Barbara Galvács Photography projects

Commissioned stories & reviews

Samples of my commercial work are available per email: barbar@galvacs.com.

A selection is placed at my Adobe profile: https://www.behance.net/barbaragalvacs.


Need to spice up your (business) visuals online by a professional photographer, who looks at your narrative with a clear glass from a caring feminine perspective? Specifically someone who creates story sensitive photography and visual projects? Who takes away the unnecessary trouble of these tasks, and assuring to add what's necessary for the right atmosphere? Who does all these to perfectly match your message?

Narratives of people and businesses, visual ways of story-telling and the discussions these can generate fascinate me most. How we turn situations around, human dignity, emotions and discussions around it attract me magnetically.

Through photography I visualise stories I connect to, quite often in a single photograph, otherwise in a collection of photographs and sometimes even in a whole exhibition, extended by mixed media and from time to time also being grouped up with other artists. Based on my personal story I am especially attracted to and capture stories about women empowerment, dignity and the turn-around points of overcoming challenges in life.


'Wow, fully amazed by my cyclist portrait: mourning the loss of my mother, I enrolled to the Alp d'Huzes challenge to support the Dutch Cancer Foundation. Somehow she is part of the photograph by that huge cloud above me, I am out of words from this feeling coming through. Thank you so much' Marije 2019

'Your photographs capture my product perfectly, the design comes beautifully through, glad to use them for my flyers and at trade fairs where I show my designs!' Zsofia 2015

'Wonderful photographs, shot in a home on the channels, working with the location and the team fluently whilst visualising the gist of our product. It is a great extra that we see Amsterdam through the window, even though the weather was very dark outside. How did you do it?' Veronica, 2015

'It is such an energising experience to be photographed by you for my professional website. You make me feel so confident and free in how I come across visually simply by being myself. Freeing my mind from worrying about how I look and connecting with myself, vision and goals instead.' Marja, 2018 

'I usually hate being photographed, but you make it super easy and I feel liberated and love your photographs of me! Quite surprising I must say, I have never experienced this before.' Paulien, 2018 

'Our afternoon photoshoot together was so much fun and empowering that I'll never forget it. I got a lot of strength out of it.' Sarah, July 2016

'Amazing how nicely your photo's represent our services! Our clients get a great insight in what and how we do, which helps growing the trust in our clientele. We really appreciate also the way you dealt with our clients who were present during the shoot. Could we please use them for our posters, too?' Erika, 2017 


Get empowered also by exploring your beautiful self image, if you so fancy. A lot is possible by various investments in time and effort between a simple 30 min profile headshot session shall you accidentally just now need one, through a few hours long branded character portrait shoot or regular collaborative projects important for your own communication, till a full artistic project concept and execution.

Spice up your visuals online and offline! Explore the process of photography as well as how it influences our vision on the world and on ourselves, our self-image! Get empowered by investing a day to model for a piece of authentic framed artwork to your wall! Any questions: let's have a chat!


For an intro chat or a meetup please connect via chat, email or please call to mobile 00 316 416 30 418 to let me explore your needs and make it happen!