Barbara Galvács


'It is such an energising experience to be photographed by you. You make me feel so confident and free in how I come across visually simply by being myself. Freeing my mind from worrying about how I look and connecting with myself instead.' Marja, May 2018

'Our afternoon photoshoot together was so much fun and empowering that I'll never forget it. I get a lot of strength out of it.' Sarah, July 2016

Some challenges are harder to face and to tackle. There is various ways to deal with such. One way is to reflect at the situation and at ourselves. Placing the perspective at ourselves is not that straightforward, as we all filter differently. Even our best friends see us in their own personal light over us. Why not turn to a professional photographer, who looks at you with a clean glass? Specifically one that is fascinated by human dignity and that the most?

I advance women through narrative fine art photography. I capture dignity.

Challenges make me keep on keeping on with what I love. No matter what. I then build up a range of tools to stay standing. After all the adjustments of food, drinks, cosmetics, work, sport, friends, circles, hobbies, communication, treatments; I arrived to a whole new lifestyle change.

That was when I realised that I get an amazing amount of energies through connecting to art. All forms of art. The energy and the balance that art brings for me is not comparable to that of any other adjustments I made. I've built connecting to art into my daily life. To explore to enjoy to love to share to connect to recharge to lift to survive to thrive and to live for.

Experience it yourself, get empowered by your beautiful self image. Connect via or mobile 00 316 416 30 418.