Barbara Galvács Photography projects



Hello, Welcome at my page!

Photography fascinates me many ways: how visual narratives, art and innovative designs form our vision on the world and on ourselves, our self image; how we all filter. I believe in the potential of photography projects advancing positive developments on society by the discussions they generate.

It started with using the Family's Japanese camera. I shot my first reel of film back in the '90s, back home in a hilly countryside about halfway in between the top two Hungarian wine regions. Once at Tokaj an incident between a speedboat and my canoe on river Tisza left the camera viewing the world from a watery perspective, but my love of photography lives on to this day.

Here in the land of stunning lights, I followed my childhood dream and became a skilled photographer and graduated at Fotoacademie Amsterdam.

Working with both analogue and digital, small- medium- and big-format cameras, at location and in studio. Keeping on developing my knowledge and methods, my tools and equipments, through my story sensitive photography projects about Empowerment, Dignity, Inclusion. These topics moving my core to the point where I also organise related events, workshops, produce and curate group exhibitions.

I made successful photography projects amongst others for Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam, Vondel CS Avrotros, VUmc, Zsofia Marx Design, Amsterdam Engineering Bureau, Heineken & Accenture.