Barbara Galvács


Hi there, welcome on my page!

My name is Barbara Galvács. I live and work from Amsterdam, the Netherlands; creating my photography & projects as well as commissioned visuals, for those who aim to visualise their story, build a brand. I am also a mentor of Seeing Through Photography workshops and courses, diverse types.

I shot my first reel of film back in the '90s, using the family's Japanese camera back in a hilly countryside in East Europe, Hungary, where I grew up: just halfway in between our two best wine regions. An incident between a speedboat and my river canoe on Tisza left the camera viewing the world from a watery perspective, but my love of photography lives on to this day.

During my Budapest phase I studied arts & culture, organisation, people management amongst others whilst graduated in economics. I got involved with creative event production and related business development for the still flourishing travel business, ever since the borders opened. Here, in the land of stunning lights, in the Netherlands, I followed my childhood dream and became a skilled photographer.

I believe in the power of emotions, art, photography, storytelling, innovation, art therapy and intrinsic communication. My fine art projects are based on my personal stories for which I capture the dignity of people, through narrative photographs of their stories.

My works are currently on show at VUmc. Some other works of mine have been shown at Accenture Zuidas and in Vondel CS, together with that of other artists based on my concept and curation, in my production. I got chosen to be one of the 100 New Dutch Photography Talents of GUP 2017. My work is represented by Refreshment Room Art Agency, Spui, Amsterdam and some of my works was presented at the Rotterdam Contemporary ART Fair 2017. My graduation from Fotoacademie was by the expo GEAR15 held in December 2015 at the Beurs van Berlage, besides another side show we made for this location specifically, involving collaboration with forty artists in total, about the future of this historical monument building downtown Amsterdam.
I work with both analogue and digital, small- medium- and big-format cameras, at location and in studio. I keep on developing my knowledge and methods, my tools and equipments, my health and myself.