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One of the early Sunday mornings earlier this month I found myself sitting on a tram, travelling to Mirjam Heemskerk, to photograph a Placenta. I again got amazed by the wonder of the woman body and what we are capable of. The Placenta looks exactly like a tree. The tree that symbolizes Family for me and in many cultures. I experienced the vision of this Placenta as a fascinating possibility of being our Tree of Life, what first is getting built up cell by cell by our Mother's body in order to feed us as babies inside the womb. We would not be able to be born without it. It is an essential necessity for life. Also at the same time, we build our own body up from it, cell by cell. So in that way it also means our Tree of Possibilities, the Tree of Potentials to what we become inside the womb, and how we are born, which is also crucial for our whole life afterwards ahead of us. How incredibly fascinating is that!

This Placenta was grown by the Mother of Baby Abel, and was growing him all the way to a healthy birth. All his Family are very well.

Mirjam is the owner of Gentle Beginnings, offering Birth Recovery Services, provided in the secure and relaxed environment of your own home. For more information check out her website: http://www.gentlebeginnings.nl/.

Pix of the Opening F E R T I L E - Endometriose in focus 

Photos by Reka Szentirmay The Momentologist


This afternoon I have my very first exposition opening coming up. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I still do not believe it, but it is in deed really happening :)

The title is:          F E R T I L E   -   Endometriose in focus.

Upon the request and lovely support of the Endometriose Centrum and dr. Velja Mijatovic, and his Team at the Gynaecologie afdeling of the Vrij Universiteit medisch centrum Polikliniek. 

First time my work goes public, requested and supported by people who support the invisible thema's I depict. Women who are challenged by their femininity in an emotional, physical or socio-economical way. 

In this case it is the hormon sickness endometriose, that every 8th women on the globe faces. The emotional, physical and socio-economical challenges that today's women come across and therefore strengthen their feminine qualities. 

In the end we shall all stay close to ourselves and choose for focusing inside a bit. Then it does make us stronger, even stronger then we are at start! As it effects everyone around us too.

Published in Vrouw - within article Ladyliciousness of Juel McNeilly



Fertile - Endometriose in focus


During my whimsical adventures of my hormons, I am in the exploration of connecting to the feminine within me. I learn something new about this every day, for me there is still a lot more out there, I am sure. Still, one of the most surprising task ahead I found, was to connect to my heart and womb axis. I made a serie about it, hoping to share my experiments with others. Workshops and more by a good friend @ http://www.ladyliciousness.com/


Ladylike - Photo Project

Dear Ladies,

Do you fancy to join a photo project about Femininity? Creativity is a great tool to balance our femininity.

I am voluntarily looking for models for raising awareness for endometriose. I aim for capturing the beauty of a body that has to go through so much. Are you in? Contact me for details.

You are very welcome, if you like to contribute and open up and show the powerful inner strength that fights the pain of this sneaky illness. By showing your fragility, you represent the inner power of yourself at the same time.

The plan is that I photograph ladies who have endometriose, in their bedroom around the bed itself, in the style of Greek statues. I think of nudes in matching light conditions, but some textiel are also possible, I do not want to show any sensitive details. 

It is all secure: we will choose the photographs right on location, so that only the ones, that approved by the person also, stay with me for final work to get the wished end result.

I have made some sample shots, of myself already, to be able to show an example of expressing what I aim for. I have also made some moodboards of photographs already made before, to be able to explain it more in detail what I have imagined, that is like a mix of these photos all together. 

I would like to show how beautiful the body is, that keeps on struggling, hoping to cope with it all along. I imagined the serie originally without showing the faces, just as the samples I collected and made. The positioning itself will remain flexible to agree on. If the model prefers so, I will be glad to cooperate on this detail.

It might be that the Endometriose Stichting helps with some contacts, but I am not yet sure about that and I have to see what they say. In the meantime I do my part and make this page as well as start the conversation about it with some ladies, who might be potentially interested. 

I hope to recruit a minimum of 4, hopefully 8 ladies for this project. The final result will depend on the model as well, I am flexible on quite some details, I only aim for the same bed and light setup for the whole series, the positioning of the model is flexible, to be able to adjust it to the needs/ requirements of the person also.

In case you are interested, please let me know: I will email you with samples I've made and will need you to email me a photograph of your bedroom, can be with your telephone also, so that I plan appropriate light setup accordingly: barbar@galvacs.com.

You can already find some work here on this website, within projects - endometriose.

Thank you so much!

Hoep to see you soon in person,


P.S.: In case you are in any phases of TTC, MC, Pregnancy, Birth or during the first year of your Newborn or just need individual times with a great psychologist, who is specialised in these fields specifically, then spend a minute to check the website 

Human capital photo project

Would you want to make a difference in the current human capital situation in Europe?

With years of economics and people management activity behind me, studying photography for the third year now, following my dreams, I initiate a project of making the current employment situation visible, by portraying people imagining being in their dream job.

In case you are interested in participating at my photography project, please email me your profession, age and contact details to my email address: barbar@galvacs.com, so that we can have a chat and make it happen. You can also connect me via the project's fb site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HCPP-Human-Capital-Photo-Project-Menselijk-Kapitaal-Fotoproject/757109901011844

Free communication channels are preferred: as email address, LinkedIn or FaceBook account, because this project is not supported financially at the moment. In case this situation changes, I update this page accordingly.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a beautiful challenge. The uniqueness of our personality is not always visible from the outside. To make it visible is the challenge of the photographer. To capture the precious moment when we openly share such visibility with someone who is interested, someone who is fascinated by a part of us, someone who you can trust. I am interested in people, their personality, their stories. Their strength and weaknesses, their joy, their situation, their vision, their mission, their passion, their goal, their results, their wishes, their interests, their culture, all in what becomes visible for me. If possible, I capture it.

Mobile photography

How handy that your camera is always with you and these days some of the mobiles offer amazing quality photographs! Yes, the latest can handle even to be printed good, up to a certain size. How unhandy that your camera is built into your telephone, so you cannot photograph when you telephone or browse or chat around. Well, how can you do these at the same time anyway, right? Just like riding your car, bycicle or horse.

Great option to photograph just at any time you wanted, even when your party bag is smaller than anything more fitting in than your mobile telephone. OK, maybe your bankcard. Cool! In the same time, the options are way more endless than you'd think when using the trendy apps making your meal photograph just as eating it in a restaurant in the 70's instead of in 2014. 

There are way more fun out there to enjoy in case you are curious to know more. Have you tried your advanced camera in Manual mode at all?