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How does photography empower people and businesses?

Content is king. Well, in case it is authentic. When talking about photography, it is also key to stick to quality, with a few exceptions. Photography empowers people and businesses, if prepared, executed and presented in a manner matching the story. With visuals being sensed a thousand times faster than written text, the story becomes live through photography. Like it does by this following photograph shot for a famous local Leather Designer to express their take on missing out on the biggest Dutch national holiday: the King's Day in 2020.

'Sad Butterfly' Amsterdam, King's Day 2020

Photography gained more power by now than ever before, authentic visuals that build trust by the speed of light is in the focus of many. Most knows how important the story itself is, but bringing it all together into visual materials is again another realm to explore.

Online channels as instagram and its elder brother facebook seemingly offer great freedom in self expression, for sharing various forms of communication, even short videos and stories. The question is more: what do you want to communicate, what is your message, what is your story, what is the impact you want and whom do you aim it for? As well as: how to communicate these the fastest and most effective ways possible? Strong authentic photography that captures the depth of your (business) story brings you solid result straight away. Like this following photograph of the latest design bag, the Diamond, of Hester van Eeghen Amsterdam Leather Designer. #hestervaneeghenamsterdam @hestervaneeghenamsterdam

'Diamonds and Pearls' design bag and shawl by Hester van Eeghen, Amsterdam, 2020

Further questions are as follows:

How to match these visuals to your specific story? What is visual language? What do the colours 'tell' you, without words? What do the forms suggest to you, through many biases and cultural norms and personal memories that all build up the layers on our filters we all see the world across? What feelings does a single photograph bring up in you and does it give the very same feeling to another? What happens if we compose a serie, out of single photographs and how do visuals impact our thinking?

'Eyes on You' Sintra, Portugal, 2013

How come that stories actually impact our hormonal system? Remember last time you saw a film that made an impression on you? You couldn't stop replaying some of its visuals in your memories, over and over again. You probably talked about it to everyone who counts and tried to get them seeing it as well. How about that similar process happens upon hearing a verbal story, actually even just reading the news. We get involved in one or another way and it impacts us. On top of this, visuals reach the brain way faster then text or sound, only scent and touch are faster in transferring the information for processing.

How do you experience these yourself? What is your opinion about the above? Share with me by a comment or two! >> Update: Temporarily the comment option has a technical hiccup on my website, pls just use my email address: barbar@galvacs.com