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Based on the events this year, in my own and in other people's lives around the world, I figured that when we need to overcome something, then we feel and we are vulnerable. This challenges our Dignity. How can we tackle this best? How can we be prepared, be protected, respond and recover? How can we build resilience?

 Without wanting to define resilience and without wanting to cover all possible contexts (!), I've come across some inspiring ingredients and care to share to support. 

the powerful trees of Bukk National Park, Bukkszentkereszt, Hungary, said to distribute healing energies, 2016

 When facing a challenge, it is useful to self-discover and recover on our agenda, against all odds. The quicker we manage, the more we gain.

PrePare     { plan realistic & act on it by                           } Self-Efficacy
ProTect     { accept & manage strong impulses, feelings by    } Self-Control
ReSpond   { open to perspectives without prejudices by            } Self-Concept 
ReCover     { trust yourself & the future by                        } Self-Esteem
// Recipe: 
Prepare and plan realistically and move towards the goals by acting on the plan. Grit is perseverance and passion, base of motivation, approaching stress in a broader context. 
Protect by accepting and managing strong impulses and feelings by self-control, hardiness. Manage healthy relationships against all challenges. 
Be open to other perspectives without prejudices, with inclusion, be curious and admit mistakes to learn more. 
Trust and believe yourself and the future, maintain a healthy self-confidence. Visualise the goals, find and go for the opportunities.                        
Spice it with a dynamic rhythm to keep on keeping on. //


Serving - in style - your and others' resilience and self-respect.

 D I G N I T Y


Any feedbacks, please let me know: I'll be glad to admit if mistaken :)

I   w i s h   y o u   A l l   a n   I N S P I R I N G   N E W   Y E A R   I N   2 0 1 7   !


iceflower in sunset, 2016

 back on the ground, somewhat stabil, work in progress, 2016

 self-discovery phase, work in progress, 2016