Barbara Galvács


* Join us tonight from 19.00 for a drink on the GUP NEW2017 booklaunch @ 5&33 Art'Otel Amsterdam! Very happy to be in this book.

* I'm very glad to announce that Accenture CEO approved the exposition Diversity & Inclusion that I've put together on the theme - can't wait to share some pictures of the opening (the date is to be in Jan '17).

* I've managed to grab myself together in deed, well, enough to start building myself up again, block by block. Have cleaned my house including a refreshment of the living room walls, let go of old shoes and quite some clothing and unused or broken kitchen stuff. Wow, so nice to give space for the new. Also emotionally, anyway, (re)started with that too and somehow it gives a lot of energy all in all. So much deserved. To do all this, part of the steps were to reconnect with friends who have not hear from me for quite a time. Especially those ones who have little ones. I have been just too fragile for that till now. One of the closest of such a friend managed to bring over 2 of her angels to me to get some shots. So much FUN!

Here comes a few of the not recognisable pieces for the feel of figuring out for myself of how to deal with IT all. (See earlier post for IT):