Barbara Galvács Narratives


Expositie: D I G N I T Y

Vondel CS, Vondelpark, Amsterdam

29 / 07 – 04 / 09 / 2016 

The photography of Barbara Galvacs (1976, Fotoacademie Amsterdam) is about dignity/self-worth. Her works are based on her story, on feminine identity and how to overcome personal challenges. The broader question is: How can her female dignity be the best approached, in a modern and realistic way? Besides making self-portraits, she also photographed other women. This exhibition is a selection of these works. Dignity is about more than balance. Photography/ art can support women in this. Potentially by projects with other artists. A selection of their works are also to be seen in this exposition: 

The work of sculptor Ed van Teeseling (Amsterdam 1924 - Nijmegen 2008) is characterized by his vision on the image of a woman. For the artist a woman was - in all forms - vulnerable and at the same time strong. In the bronze sculptures, made in his favourite method of "cire perdue", we can follow the development of 60 years of the art of sculpturing. Ed van Teeseling created dozens of remarkable sculptures in public space in many places in the Netherlands. The famous Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam have works of the artist in their collection. The monograph titled: " Ed van Teeseling Beeldhouwer" was published in 2012. 

‘The photographs of Cissie van der Ven (1979, Fotoacademie Amsterdam) are reflections of her thoughts. She invites us through her depictions to look at our own identity. The pictures of Cissie van der Ven brings us to an unexplored area of ourselves. She uses self portraiture not to draw on narcissistic tendencies but to explore her own body which is both familiar and yet foreign to her. She wishes to explore and expose both her personality and the way she is objectified as a woman and she objectifies herself.’ 

Juel McNeilly is inspiring, exuberant, fun, creative, and powerful. She is a certified coach, specialized in feminine power. She is the initiator of Ladyliciousness, a community for women to explore their unique feminine identity. She supports women to feel amazing creating deeper relationships with their minds, bodies, and emotions.