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How does photography empower people and businesses?

Content is king. Well, in case it is authentic. When talking about photography, it is also key to stick to quality, with a few exceptions. Photography empowers people and businesses, if prepared, executed and presented in a manner matching the story. With visuals being sensed a thousand times faster than written text, the story becomes live through photography. Like it does by this following photograph shot for a famous local Leather Designer to express their take on missing out on the biggest Dutch national holiday: the King's Day in 2020.

'Sad Butterfly' Amsterdam, King's Day 2020

Photography gained more power by now than ever before, authentic visuals that build trust by the speed of light is in the focus of many. Most knows how important the story itself is, but bringing it all together into visual materials is again another realm to explore.

Online channels as instagram and its elder brother facebook seemingly offer great freedom in self expression, for sharing various forms of communication, even short videos and stories. The question is more: what do you want to communicate, what is your message, what is your story, what is the impact you want and whom do you aim it for? As well as: how to communicate these the fastest and most effective ways possible? Strong authentic photography that captures the depth of your (business) story brings you solid result straight away. Like this following photograph of the latest design bag, the Diamond, of Hester van Eeghen Amsterdam Leather Designer. #hestervaneeghenamsterdam @hestervaneeghenamsterdam

'Diamonds and Pearls' design bag and shawl by Hester van Eeghen, Amsterdam, 2020

Further questions are as follows:

How to match these visuals to your specific story? What is visual language? What do the colours 'tell' you, without words? What do the forms suggest to you, through many biases and cultural norms and personal memories that all build up the layers on our filters we all see the world across? What feelings does a single photograph bring up in you and does it give the very same feeling to another? What happens if we compose a serie, out of single photographs and how do visuals impact our thinking?

'Eyes on You' Sintra, Portugal, 2013

How come that stories actually impact our hormonal system? Remember last time you saw a film that made an impression on you? You couldn't stop replaying some of its visuals in your memories, over and over again. You probably talked about it to everyone who counts and tried to get them seeing it as well. How about that similar process happens upon hearing a verbal story, actually even just reading the news. We get involved in one or another way and it impacts us. On top of this, visuals reach the brain way faster then text or sound, only scent and touch are faster in transferring the information for processing.

How do you experience these yourself? What is your opinion about the above? Share with me by a comment or two! >> Update: Temporarily the comment option has a technical hiccup on my website, pls just use my email address: barbar@galvacs.com

The road to impactful photography

Hello, welcome (back) at my phlog page!

This time the process itself gets the stage of this post:

Entering the Fotoacademie the very first time, to explore my options of photographic studies was so exciting that nearly ten years later I still remember it clearly. For my entrance exam I had to bring some prints with me. I then arranged twelve photographs on a shiny A3 print at a corner print store. Bravely faced a technical test questionnaire, all in Dutch... Bear in mind that I hardly spoke the language at the time, living here in Amsterdam for just about 2 years! Wowww, what a fearful conversation that was, to discuss my latest digital shots then, oh my! Even though mostly snapshots really, some photographs and some compositions got their attention. Based on my previous autodidact activity, I somehow also managed to pass the technical test. I made it in. Oh, how super-happy and excited I was! Then I was told to choose from their repertoire of study choices. After this entre I went 'all-in', for the full four year option.

I still remember a question though, that stroke me repeatedly: what on earth will they teach me for 4 years? Yes, I had an idea how composition worked and also how complex a camera, a lens, a lamp can be. At the same time no, I had absolutely no idea how complex light behaves, how photography itself therefore is, how amazing and endless its realms are, how many ingredients need to come together perfectly well to get worthy results, not to mention the levels of the stunning works of the greatest masters out there.

How nuanced one is capable to tune into the mesmerising beauty and fascinating workflows of photography, is a whole apart topic. Currently what I'd like to emphasise here now is the importance of the process itself against that of the speed and leisure that some types of photography radiates in our overly digital world these days. Whilst quite some people undoubtedly believes that photography is just a click, the truth is that of course, it can be, and in some cases can work perfectly for the goal ahead. More cases we come across that how impactful photography works is the exact opposite. It needs both precision work and intuition, quite some pre-meditation, to come together the way imagined, in most parts. Then the unexpected plays its own role to spice it up the way that it feels as it does feel, when looking at it.

The more people taps into the world of visual narratives and the discussions they generate, the clearer the importance of the process itself becomes. In balance of all the weight of the focus on the speed and the perfectness and the final end result and its ideal effects on the lives of people and businesses; the process of a photography project is just as fascinating. Shall we rather say: equally important for the very end result and its total impact on people and businesses.

The process is from ideation, the concept, planning, finding the subject, the location, setting the light, the composition, the design, the colour management, the timing of all, the arranging, the organising, the capability, the branding, the vision, through the uniqueness of the combinations of these, the fine tuning, the editing, the having fun in between, the personal connection to the work team, the curation, the presentation, the client management, the learning and development, the keeping up to date, the marketing, the social media, the communication, the purchasing, and everything else to the storage, the fundraising and the work-life balance of the creators.

We are all familiar with the 'just a click' of a nonchalant snapshot that happens to be of our perfect table on a perfect beach on a perfect day in perfect company that might mean the world to us for personal reasons or for a sponsor company and it's potential clients. Photographs and photographic projects, with more feelings, more thoughts, more actions, more reach, more quality, more caring, more time, more planning, in a certain context, in a certain timing, at a certain location, in a certain way, can result in works of art that connect to their audience and can move the world, either in their specific field or widely acknowledged.

Pictures to follow, but texts have their own rights to get into the spotlight, even on a photographic website :)

Until next time,




'Phlogging' - my photography blogging - about Dignity and Women is a tempting idea, which this time I attempt to keep up on a cyclical basis. I have been looking for this human amount of time that I can commit to, besides my life challenges and the projects I nurture. Next step is to create this 'online-offline life' balance. This cyclical attempt feels as human as it gets with online activities and definitely feminine in a way. Though I believe that men have their cycles and effected by them just as much, it only manifests itself absolutely differently emotionally, mentally and also physically. Now my intuition tells me that finalising the moment itself in cycle to match with the action of phlogging from idea to execution will be necessary to reach a regular frequency finally. See one of my new works from my instagram page:

A summary of the last few months is that it was mainly about making space for the projects started previously as well as shaping the projects themselves and on the go always fine tuning those creation processes. Foundations of such being maintaining health condition - for mine being chronically challenged - by cycling, by art, by connecting and photographing women's stories, and more: also by ahead of time planning & budgeting, structural archiving, colour management and photo editing, learning & development on curatorial and old photo printing practices, model and location management and scouting, project research, shoot moodboard making, photographing women, own marketing communication, exhibition project management, focusing always on the advancing of women through light & story sensitive photography & projects. A snapshot of my print I made at huis Marseille last weekend with expert Adriaan Heijboer:


End last year I was approached by Head of beautiful project called 'Vereeuwigd' [~'Keeping on'] about people who survived a life threatening situation and learnt something in the process to share with others in need of such wisdoms. I explored options for models in my circles for this project. It did not take long that I found my more than perfect project model. I photographed someone very special to me. She is an amazing person, Mother of a good friend, who is survivor of cancer, throat tumor, diabetes and winter depression. The photograph is to be seen together with the works of 23 other photographers for this project as the amazing Jitske Schols, Koos Breukel and Carla van de Puttelaar on a travelling exhibition, further detailed information is shortly to be announced. For now I can share ONLY A crop detail, of my work 'Gerda':

NEW works are constantly in the make, for example a character portret about racer of Alp d'huZes Marije Hopman, who cycles for cancer research KFW kanker. She signed up when suddenly out of the blue her Mother struggled with cancer late last year and sad enough she died of soon after. Shocking as this was, Marije attempts to keep herself to her plan and managed to collect thousands of euros for the good cause. I am touched to be able to capture her and her gear for this noble pedalling. The link to her project site is: https://www.opgevenisgeenoptie.nl/fundraisers/marijehopman/alpe. Go, Marije, go go go!        

In my organisation regular female group meetups are held to discuss their challenges in full freedom. We listen to each other, we share our feelings and connect through our stories. Such activity is 'misunderestimated'-ly valuable to do so. Imagine if photographers, women would do so. In my imagination this will become very natural in the near future. Fantasy is base of many developments, this might just become a reality sooner then we think? I am sure up for it!    

One of my few series 'Rest' - I mainly work with single images - that had been exposed at the Gyneacology section of Vrij Universiteit mc Amsterdam for quite a while, hopefully gives a piece of mind in this rushing day in age to You too:

the first 'phlog' - how I see through a female perspective

Hi, welcome at my 'phlog', photography (b)log. We can also call it flog, as in for fotografie in Dutch, or fotografia in Hungarian. Which one do you prefer? Let me know here below what do you think, sense or feel?

Since my last output here 'a lot of water went down on the River (Danube)' as we say in my native. It is time to catch up, right?

Besides my photography and group exhibition projects on seeing through a female perspective - and to make the space for them - I have worked on switching my focus - and all my light system, haha - on what I can do and how to do that best - instead of what I cannot do.

Here on this platform I represent my findings through exploring and expressing my female perspective on topics that fascinate me most: dignity and on sub topics such as empowerment and social development like inclusion and how self care equals caring for all and how I find and manage the fine lines of borders when the situation demands me to.

Amongst other stories: How I cycled through the Ardennes - and six countries - this summer with a coffee mug, 2 books, 3 dresses and 4 kg of sausages, will be 'phlogged' here soon, too.

The aim is to generate discussion as well as to explore what are the possibilities here, the real ones I mean? What if at the end of the day we all felt similarly on so many of these topics just needed to be aware of it all? So that we feel more for ourselves and through this for each other, for real?

Especially amongst all the current heat on the globe..

Until next week,


Barbara Galvacs

Photography & Projects on Dignity

1019 TX Amsterdam

00 31 6 416 30 418

Hu-Men: Dignity through Art

Sharing is caring - but do we want to care actually? Yes we do. We all do, originally. Do we need water, food and shelter as basic physical needs? Yes, we do, these are our strongest motives in life. Stronger then anything else. Are we also 'horse-blinded' by our bias? Yes, we are. We all are, naturally. When we say, imagine a person, that that person imagined will be just as we are. We do want to belong. We all do, strongly. To our families and friends and our land and to other connections throughout our lives. When these bonds are threatened or when the physical needs are not matched, then our emotions take over. Our Dignity gets challenged and it is then our choice how to proceed. That is the 'moment supreme' to fight or flight. Or simply breath normally.

HUMAN is also the title of a film by Yann Arthus - Bertrant, screened at Pakhuis de Zwijger last Wednesday night. It is a must to watch for everybody. The three hours long sitting on one go is easily balanced out by facing some much harder challenges and simple basic facts and real stories from real people around the world. Catch this beautiful film whilst and wherever you can, it is a real heart-opener.

Exhibition 'Beeldend Gesproken' / 'Visually spoken' is an exhibition that I curated and produced in order to raise awareness on Diversity and Inclusion, with the support of and in collaboration with the Human Resources Team @ Accenture Nederland headquarters on the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam. At the internal official opening we have received tremendous amount of strongly moved feedbacks that I am still digesting. Very proud and happy about how it all came together and how it effects the way people and employees think and feel about Diversity and Inclusion. There are photography and painting artworks on two floors of the ITO Toren at Gustav Mahlerplein 90 of artists: Brett Meredith, Menso van Reij, Rivelino M. Sellier, Pia Velden, Baukje Paltro and myself, in sub-themes: LGBT, Women, Cultural diversity, Handicapped (wajong and wia in NL). Thank you All at Accenture, Fotolab, Eyes on Media, Galerie Beldend Gesproken to make it all possible!


Exhibition 'facade' was a great experiment for me on curation. The historical building still has its original structure and fronts of the original home of one of the architects of Teylers Museum, heer Gemund. It is located half way between Frans Hals Museum and the Vishal, Grotekerk, Centre de Ville of Haarlem, all on walking distance. For such a location I have imagined and then realised a duo show of Diederick Habermehl and Monika Nooren. Both are highly talented fine art photographers, with amazing figurative and abstract works around switching dimensions of perceptions afront and behind the facade. The feedbacks from collectors, photographers and other artists and critics were all amazing. We were told that it is 'intriguing', 'coming together beautifully', 'engaging', 'connected stories in a very nice way', 'surprisingly matching and still different', 'what a friendly opening', 'kind and welcoming'. Thank you all who have visited and supported us on our journey!

A video comes here sooner or later.


PhotoQ Book Club of Edie Peters @ the Atelier of Morad Bouchakour - this time on Ville de Calais in the make by Henk Wildschut - WOW! This project is about DIGNITY in capital letters. Listening to his human stories truly speaks to your heart on this matter. How could we as human beings have come this far? Amazing photography and wonderful talks and dinner with the artist. Join us on the next one this coming saturday, 25 March: this time with Maurice Scheltens en Liesbeth Abbenes about their book 'Unfolded'. Book via this link: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-photoqs-book-club-scheltens-abbenes-unfolded-32391583097?aff=eiosprexshreclip&ref=eiosprexshreclip


Exhibition Rodin at Museum Groningen was a breath-taking inspirational tour, feeling the life and energy of the human body through his statues, popping out of each and every artwork. How uplifting!


Exhibition 'Vrouwelijkheid' 'Womenhood' is in its preparations from this month at VUmc, Vrij Universiteit Polikliniek, opening will be announced later on, expected to be around just before or just after the summer holidays.

Shall you be interested in more news around Dignity through Art, please subscribe to my newsletter via email on: b.k.galvacs@gmail.com.



8-12 February 2017 @ WTC Rotterdam

Very proud to announce that my work is represented by Refreshment Room Art Gallery, Spui Amsterdam, @ the Rotterdam Contemporary ART. Click and look at boot nr #81:


DIGNITY right here right now


Here and Now: last Saturday 2017 January 21 12.00-15.00 on Museumplein Amsterdam.

We Matter, we're loud, we're Organised ANd proud. TOGETHER WE are stonger.


Love, B


Based on the events this year, in my own and in other people's lives around the world, I figured that when we need to overcome something, then we feel and we are vulnerable. This challenges our Dignity. How can we tackle this best? How can we be prepared, be protected, respond and recover? How can we build resilience?

 Without wanting to define resilience and without wanting to cover all possible contexts (!), I've come across some inspiring ingredients and care to share to support. 

the powerful trees of Bukk National Park, Bukkszentkereszt, Hungary, said to distribute healing energies, 2016

 When facing a challenge, it is useful to self-discover and recover on our agenda, against all odds. The quicker we manage, the more we gain.

PrePare     { plan realistic & act on it by                           } Self-Efficacy
ProTect     { accept & manage strong impulses, feelings by    } Self-Control
ReSpond   { open to perspectives without prejudices by            } Self-Concept 
ReCover     { trust yourself & the future by                        } Self-Esteem
// Recipe: 
Prepare and plan realistically and move towards the goals by acting on the plan. Grit is perseverance and passion, base of motivation, approaching stress in a broader context. 
Protect by accepting and managing strong impulses and feelings by self-control, hardiness. Manage healthy relationships against all challenges. 
Be open to other perspectives without prejudices, with inclusion, be curious and admit mistakes to learn more. 
Trust and believe yourself and the future, maintain a healthy self-confidence. Visualise the goals, find and go for the opportunities.                        
Spice it with a dynamic rhythm to keep on keeping on. //


Serving - in style - your and others' resilience and self-respect.

 D I G N I T Y


Any feedbacks, please let me know: I'll be glad to admit if mistaken :)

I   w i s h   y o u   A l l   a n   I N S P I R I N G   N E W   Y E A R   I N   2 0 1 7   !


iceflower in sunset, 2016

 back on the ground, somewhat stabil, work in progress, 2016

 self-discovery phase, work in progress, 2016



Light strikes through the sky that you see from your living room window, no way around it, no way to hide.

When hidden areas hit by light, when you realise that this is 'it'. The end of a road, of course also a new beginning, AND you still just seeing for what 'it' is. For the first time you face 'it', all the hopeless hoping, all the love to surface as you thought you were ready, ready for something else actually, not 'it'. You hoped for becoming a mother. 'It' in this case is the opposite.

Then another strikes again: actually, you are one anyway! You are actually one for years already. You became one during the whole challenging process of trying for it. You felt the love you would give and you tried to feel, see, hear and yeah, smell too :), the rest of 'it'. That 'it' was so very different from what you went through. But hey, you went through 'it'.

Then darkness and silence and distance from 'it' all. Again, another flash, BANG: you are through 'it' anyway, whatever 'it' was and great to see the light finally, to come to security again, confidence on what you see for what 'it' is.

Pure NATURE, that's what it is: it is complex and simple at the very same time, providing it's power, it's beauty, it's everything, it's you, itself.

WOW, I am truly amazed and got boosted on accepting, re-adjusting, re-planning, re-energising and reconnecting to the new, confident, innovative, curious, friendly and productive me. 

Glad to (re)connect again.

3 photographs - the third one is a .gif - just studying how my site can get it moving :)

DIGNITY - Details matter!

https://themomentologist.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/expo-barbara-galvacs-dignity/ wonderfully written about my exposition Dignity by my talented friend Reka Szentirmay, the Momentologist. Thank you so much! Yours truly

In gesprek


also got into the Kunst & Cultuur Magazine of Avrotros, wow



Expositie: D I G N I T Y

Vondel CS, Vondelpark, Amsterdam

29 / 07 – 04 / 09 / 2016 

The photography of Barbara Galvacs (1976, Fotoacademie Amsterdam) is about dignity/self-worth. Her works are based on her story, on feminine identity and how to overcome personal challenges. The broader question is: How can her female dignity be the best approached, in a modern and realistic way? Besides making self-portraits, she also photographed other women. This exhibition is a selection of these works. Dignity is about more than balance. Photography/ art can support women in this. Potentially by projects with other artists. A selection of their works are also to be seen in this exposition: 

The work of sculptor Ed van Teeseling (Amsterdam 1924 - Nijmegen 2008) is characterized by his vision on the image of a woman. For the artist a woman was - in all forms - vulnerable and at the same time strong. In the bronze sculptures, made in his favourite method of "cire perdue", we can follow the development of 60 years of the art of sculpturing. Ed van Teeseling created dozens of remarkable sculptures in public space in many places in the Netherlands. The famous Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam have works of the artist in their collection. The monograph titled: " Ed van Teeseling Beeldhouwer" was published in 2012. 

‘The photographs of Cissie van der Ven (1979, Fotoacademie Amsterdam) are reflections of her thoughts. She invites us through her depictions to look at our own identity. The pictures of Cissie van der Ven brings us to an unexplored area of ourselves. She uses self portraiture not to draw on narcissistic tendencies but to explore her own body which is both familiar and yet foreign to her. She wishes to explore and expose both her personality and the way she is objectified as a woman and she objectifies herself.’ 

Juel McNeilly is inspiring, exuberant, fun, creative, and powerful. She is a certified coach, specialized in feminine power. She is the initiator of Ladyliciousness, a community for women to explore their unique feminine identity. She supports women to feel amazing creating deeper relationships with their minds, bodies, and emotions.  

Fresh start

Refreshment Room Art Agency on Spui in Amsterdam included a work of mine in their new brochure last weekend at KunstRAI Amsterdam. Exciting times.

Thank you

Thank you PH21 Gallery in Budapest for the great group show Black & White.

Also: Thank you Helena Primakoff!

It was lovely to be with you during and after the Open Oost. Next year to be continued.


Love comes and goes in all forms.

Dignity at Lake Menopause

This spring took me further than rebooting my system for the year ahead. I become the precious 40 just in a few days from now. I have also just entered the menopause myself. Unbelievable, but yes, it is possible this early.

After all I am just through, it actually does not sound that shocking any more. For the first hearing. For the second it feels like it is about somebody else, cannot be me. Then the next minute I realise that the more I state it out loud, the more I admit to it, the faster I get 'through' it. Wait: through what exactly? How can I tackle such a challenge?

Throughout my journey of (in)fertility, I have rediscovered my femininity, my creativity, my strength and weaknesses, that of others, as well as I actively raise awareness of related matters. To reconnect to our bodies and souls and goals. To recalibrate. To praise our DIGNITY. Even/ especially when facing challenges. Despite it feels impossible. So, what is it exactly, that is ahead of me? No clue whatsoever. I'll end up wiser anyway.

Here I am, facing the unknown. This one recalls a memorable moment in my life: when I, for the very first time, swam across Lake Balaton back home, 5,3 km free style. I had travelled hours from Budapest, the capital, to get to the swimming event. I had already enrolled. I then saw what the weather looked like, for which the organisers were not able to decide to cancel it or not. Huge waves were passing by. The swimmers, in the doctor check queue, all put vaseline onto their bodies, against the cold temperature that awaits them in the water. My friends, who planned to join, all cancelled.

I stood there on the side, doubting. I was totally alone for it. My phone rang, it was Mom. She said: 'WHAT?? Where are you???!! OMG, it sounds crazy, but wait, your Father wants to talk to you.' My Dad took it over. There he went: 'Go, go go! You go girl, you can do it! You cannot give it up now.' I was like: 'Yes, I'd love to, but aren't you worried?' He said: 'You want to swim across, right? You travelled that much for it, which means for me, that you really want to do it. Plus I know that you can do it. You know you can. Take it stroke by stroke. Jump in and call me from the other side!' We said bye and that is exactly what I did.

I also creamed up good and jumpled into the cold, rough and unknown. After about 2,5 hours of swimming, I called from the other side: bursting from the power in my body and soul that I did it, filled with a painful but pleasant tiredness of all my muscles and bones. 

What did it take me to get 'through'?

- I first had to jump right in and feel it on my skin. In order to understand what exactly happens to me. The support of my loved ones helped big time.

- Then to do what I can and use all my tools to work as hard as I can. To experiment and learn to adjust as fast as possible. To find my own tempo.

- Be flexible to what is bigger than me. Synchronise to the rhythm of the circumstances whilst keeping direction. Keep on working, take it stroke by stroke. Look back proudly and look ahead hopefully, whilst I enjoy the ride and the moment of the flow. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. Together with the waves.

- Ask for help when I need it. Give help when someone else needs it. Keep my humour! Socialize. Connect and share.

- Keep on working. Keep on swimming to my destination. Be patient and careful with the very last strokes. Put my feet down on the ground and stand up. Stand up, walk all the way to the finish at your own pace.

- Smile for the silly snapshot for my certificate. Be proud and tired and hungry and thirsty as hell at the very same time. Look around with allk the others in the queue for eating all and every slice of bread at the Nutella tent that you can stuff in at once.

- Still quite half conscious only, recieve the gaze of the people who give me the food, the drinks, the T-shirt, for making it. Share my joy by getting to the tent of my backpack that came with the ferry and call my Dad right away. Cry together from happiness.


Lake Menopause, here I come! I jump right in to feel what it is. Then take myself through it stroke by stroke.


I'll use all my tools: myself, my people, my lessons learnt, my muscles, my camera, my photography, my art, also learning and enjoying all art out there.


P.S.: Additionally, as previously mentioned, a snapshot of one of the Plaubel's shot the week before, with the wonderful model Ioana Boldea and great photographer mate Rivelino Sellier (I guess I remain Barbera at the local lab, haha):


Catching the flow of the spring arriving to Amsterdam. It is time to reboot myself and my energies and leave behind what doesn't add to the flow.

Time for new photography projects. How exciting!

The digiback used for this great sky fly above the beach tricked me unexpectedly and probably just fall back into another additional winter sleep..

Whilst in treatment, I fall back in love with the gorgeous Plaubel Makina 67! Freshly serviced :0)

Wow, what a nice machine in the hand!

Pictures in post process.

In the meantime: OpenOost this weekend!

March is the month of Yellow

Yellow is the colour for march, every march.

Till the march somewhere in the future when 1 i n 1 0 w o m e n g l o b a l l y gets released of their demanding challenges! By miracle.

Some truly motivated and talented researcher group or a critical mess supporting the cause or most probably a great combination of all these is a more realistic future ahead.

The immune systems of these amazingly lovely and super strong ladies face the unjust disfunction of the mystical endocrine hormone system of their body. They fight it every day. E v e r y   d a y .

This emotional, physiological, psychological and socio-economical challenge has a highly matching, similarly weird name: endometriosis. Yes, that is it. Wait, I help you: end-o-me-tri-o-sis. It is way easier this way, right? :) 

This word is just as long, unfamiliar and unknown as the disfunction of the body that this word clusters. For the docs. They do everything for these ladies. They do. They invest. They put in their time and energy to advance these women. 1 in 10. To understand this ratio all cancer is 4 in 10.

As for the ladies it all starts with actually having an extra task after diagnosis: to get it all through for the people in their lives: at home, at work and in social circles.

The human body is capable of a lot, our body is a wonderful system we still understand only partially. The feminine body is where the life of all of us start. It is a valuable part of nature that shouts for respect. More then we practice today.

Scientific developments are fascinating. They help our lives so much. They do. Scientists do invest.

Do you?

Graduation Show GEAR15